Monday, April 4, 2011

The Weekend...

Our weekends are starting to get busier and we LOVE it!! This usually means better weather is around the corner and we get to see more family.
This weekend we made a trip up to Tulsa to see Aunt Julie's new home. The girls did great on the car trip. Katelynn took the headphones and listened to music most of the way there and Aubrey slept. I got to read some of my book that I have been trying to get started for a while and Brian, well, he got a mostly silent drive to Tulsa.

Aunt Julie and Tim's home is gorgeous! It makes me want a new house, but I don't want to move. So if any one out there knows how to accomplish this, please let me know.

We took advantage of the nice weather and the beautiful backyard and snapped some pretty pics of the girls:

I love this picture of Julie and Aubrey, so sweet!

Sunday we went to Church and then just spent the rest of the day at home, not doing much of anything.
B went to help my best friend move some furniture and I watched Tangled. I had bought it for my phone so Katelynn could watch it and she told me it scared her so I had to watch it so I could see what was scary. Nothing was scary, I think that is her new excuse for everything.
Katelynn took a nap on the floor and Aubrey fell asleep on my chest. (I love that and I am going to miss it so much when she gets too big for it.)

While doing laundry we realized that we washed (and DRIED) a blue crayon in the load of the girls' clothes. So I took to the internet and found a way to remove dried on crayon stains. It involved WD-40 and a lot of it. So while K continued to sleep A and I headed to the kitchen table to drowned the clothes in WD-40. (side note: this did not work!) We had to open up the back door to dilute the fumes and as soon as K woke up, that is where she headed; out the back door!

She loves being outside and still loves playing in her playhouse. (No matter what stage of dress she is in. They are both wearing diapers, by the way.)

A little Spring Cleaning needs to take place in the play house but I am loving my girls playing together already.

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