Thursday, April 21, 2011


Wednesday night Katelynn, Aubrey and I dyed easter Eggs!
Well, not so much Aubrey and really I wouldn't let Katelynn do as much as she wanted to do, but in my mind we all dyed Easter Eggs!

It was a time warp once I opened the Paas Egg Decorating Kit. It had everything!! The dye tablets, the stickers, the egg wraps, the egg stands, which I actually used. And that little wire "egg dipper" that worked oh so well.

I added the vinegar and heard the bubbling and fizzing coming out of the mugs,


I was 7 years old and at my Grandma Trudy's house dyeing Easter Eggs with my older brother Paul. He was probably cracking all my eggs while I was contaminating all the colors because I wasn't patient enough to clean off my "egg dipper". And Kris, no telling where he was.
That was when we hid our colored eggs for the Egg Hunt. They cracked and were covered in dirt by the end of the morning, but we had a good time. I think maybe a couple weren't found one year and we switched to the plastic ones. Although, we still dyed them every year and Grandma would use them for the deviled eggs at Easter Dinner.
My Mom was the one who kept buying the egg dyeing kits after we had made the switch to plastic. It was my Mom who turned off Fantasy Island or Love Boat (I'm aging myself here, aren't I?) and called us into the kitchen to sit around the table and dye the eggs. It was my Mom who continued with this tradition as long as she could, and now I know why.

I knew Katelynn would love this "adventure." She had fun dyeing the eggs. She would pick the colors and I would plop the eggs in the mug.

Then I started to let her plop the eggs and stir them around to make sure the color was evenly distributed. I even let her pull some of the finished eggs out of the color and try to balance them on the egg stands.

She did a pretty good job!

I enjoyed "tackling" this tradition with my firstborn. And I am looking forward to "tackling" it next year with two of them.

(Katelynn is trying to keep Aubrey's hands off "her" eggs!)

I was pretty pleased with the finished product and Katelynn was pretty excited about the entire ordeal. She wants to pull her eggs out of the fridge and look at them. Her favorite egg changes every time I ask her which is her favorite. (Mine would have to be either the teal eggs or the blue and white marbled one.)

Dyeing the eggs wasn't the easiest project that Katelynn and I have attempted. It was a bit stressful for me (the whole playing with permanent color thing was a little worrisome);
And Katelynn wasn't too sure of what we were really messing with (caught her sticking her finger in the dye and then licking it off, yuk!); but we will dye Easter Eggs again, and again, and again. It's a tradition. Not with just the girls and I but a tradition that includes memories of my mom and my brothers.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend. Enjoy the eggs, the chocolates and the pretty dresses but I hope you also remember the real reason for the celebration.
We were given a wonderful miracle, a gift. Remember that gift and remember the One who gave it to us.

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