Monday, April 27, 2009

Arts Festival.....

Katelynn went to her first of many Arts Festival Saturdays this weekend. It was perfect weather for sitting on a grassy hill with new friends and BEAUTIFUL babes!! Katelynn loved being outside and was very interested in all the activity that was going on around her. We met Abbey and Jason and K's almost birthday twinn, Emma, and then two of their friends, Chad and Jamie and there 13 month old, Makalyn. We all just chilled and had some good conversation. It was a great time. Afterwards, Daddy K and I went to grab something to eat. I mean, we couldn't go to the Arts Festival and not get a Strawberry Newport!! And it was the BEST so far. I gave K a bite of the pudding and the whipped cream. She really didn't know what to think, but I felt rude sitting there eating in front of her. Daddy got BBQ and chocolate dipped cheesecake. (That was nice, too!) Sunday rolled around and Katelynn was still a little tired from the day before, so she and I stayed home from church and K caught up on some much needed zzzzz's. She slept through the thunderstorm last night, she was that tired. She is such a good girl. Hope everyone has a good Monday!!

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