Saturday, April 11, 2009

Little Things Update.......

1. Getting internet at the office This has yet to happen!!
2. New LOST on Wed Haven't found the time to watch
3. New GhostHunters on Wed I can't remember if I have watched this or not....sad, I know.
4. Harper's Island starting on Thurs Just finished watching this, not too bad
5. Seeing Aunt Julie & Aunt Emily on Saturday Always a good time, just wish we could have stayed longer
6. Seeing Baustert Family on Saturday (will miss the Little's, though and always miss the Craig's) So much fun and some great food. Love my Aunts and my cousins!!
7. Trying Aunt Jeni's salad with snickers, if she can get the recipe. (If you can't, when you get it, I want it) This salad did not disappoint (and I got the recipe)
8.Possibly getting K's Easter pics taken sometime this week (have to call and make appt) Studio was booked until next Tuesday
9. Katelynn's first Easter and first Easter baskert and egg hunt. About to do the Easter basket and the egg hunt was fun. My cousins have some beautiful children.
10. Deciding what we need to "leave out" for the Easter Bunny. (Rabbits like carrots, right?) Decision made, carrots it is!!

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