Sunday, April 5, 2009

Little Things I am Looking Forward to this Week.....

1. Getting internet at the office
2. New LOST on Wed
3. New GhostHunters on Wed
4. Harper's Island starting on Thurs
5. Seeing Aunt Julie & Aunt Emily on Saturday
6. Seeing Baustert Family on Saturday (will miss the Little's, though and always miss the Craig's)
7. Trying Aunt Jeni's salad with snickers, if she can get the recipe. (If you can't, when you get it, I want it)
8.Possibly getting K's Easter pics taken sometime this week (have to call and make appt)
9. Katelynn's first Easter and first Easter baskert and egg hunt.
10. Deciding what we need to "leave out" for the Easter Bunny. (Rabbits like carrots, right?)

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