Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter......

Well, it was a fun filled weekend for the Bateman family!! It started at about 11:00 am Saturday and it did not end until about 7:30 this evening, but it was great (And Katelynn was a champ thru it all.) As Brian said earlier, "That's Easter weekend when you have the only grandbaby on both sides." We had lunch Saturday with Brian's family (and Katelynn was sporting her Easter dress from Lolli and Pop, too cute!!). Food was GRRRRREAT and we got to see the Aunts (Jules and Em) and the Great Aunts and Great Grandma. Aunt Emily gave Katelynn a cute little stuffed rabbit that she really seems to like. Then it was off to Okarche and The Hunt. Katelynn did not participate but watched and I think she got a few pointers that she will use next year when she is mobile and knows what chocolate is. The food there was also WONDERFUL and the company was not too shabby. =) Grandpa and Grandma B showed up with a box (and I mean a large box) full of all kinds of stuff for K!! It was so much fun going through it. Outfits, books, socks, bows, etc., etc. Then we came home and went to bed and waited for the Easter Bunny. He did come and greatly appreciated his plate of baby carrots and lettuce. He liked it so much he left Katelynn and Easter Basket full of books, babylegs and a stuffed bunny.We made it to the 8:15 service at Church and then to Sunday School. After a quick break at home, we headed off to Fletcher to see Uncle Paul and Aunt Angela. Katelynn is Paul's Mini-Me. Everyone says so......(maybe one day, his little girl will look like me. I think that is only fair.) And Katelynn really seemed to enjoy Aunt Angela. Nanaw Mickie was with us, and for some reason the Easter Bunny left another basket for Katelynn at her house, Silly Easter Bunny. She now has a bunny teether and a Pinnochio DVD. (OK, that is not spelled correctly but I am too tired to go look at the DVD.) So now it is time for Mommy to finally get to bed (after I read a bit more of my book.) It was great seeing the family this weekend. We love you all!! HOPPY EASTER!!

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